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ArXiv Notes for 03/29/2017

On the effective turbulence driving mode of molecular clouds formed in disc galaxies

By Keitaro Jin, et al., 1703.09709

Measured the parameter for molecular clouds in disk simulations. The parameter has a lower limit of , and shows a broad distribution between compressive and solenoidal. The value increases with resolution.

Fast and scalable Gaussian process modeling with applications to astronomical time series

By Daniel Foreman-Mackey et al., 1703.09710

Applications of Gaussian process modeling to transits, oscillations, etc.

The VLA-COSMOS 3 GHz Large Project: Continuum data and source catalog release

By Vernesa Smolcic, et al., 1703.09713

VLA observations at 3GHz in COSMOS, reaching 2.3 Jy/beam, with >10000 radio sources.

Lots of VLA-COSMOS papers.

Interpreting the Star Formation Efficiency of Molecular Clouds with Ionising Feedback

By Sam Geen, et al., 1703.10071

Star formation simulations including ionizing feedback. The time-dependent star formation efficiency in clouds can be considerably larger than once ionization is accounted for.