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ArXiv Notes for 03/30/2017

Near-Infrared MOSFIRE Spectra of Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies at

By Caitlin Casey, et al., 1703.10168

450 and 850 selected objects with optical and near-IR spectra in COSMOS. Only 31/102 detected. Evidence for km/s outflows, and nebular emission lines.

The first interferometric detections of Fast Radio Bursts

By M. Caleb et al., 1703.10173

3 FRBs discovered with the UTMOST commissioning data. Must be at km.

A New Method to Measure the Post-Reionization Ionizing Background from the Joint Distribution of Lyman- and Lyman- Forest Transmission

By Frederick Davies, et al., 1703.10174

Statistical analysis of and forests at . 0.2 dex uncertainty.

Dynamical timescale of precollapse evolution inferred from chemical distribution in the Taurus Molecular Cloud-1 (TMC-1) filament

By Yunhee Choi, et al., 1703.10260

CS and C17O observations of TMC-1, can model using chemistry to determine the collapse time in different peaks.

Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury XVIII. The High-mass Truncation of the Star Cluster Mass Function

By L. Clifton Johnson, et al., 1703.10312

840 clusters with ages < 300 Myr in Andromeda. The canonical cluster mass function would give above , but only 15 are found. Cut-off mass correlates with star formation rate surface density.

Structure distribution and turbulence in self-consistently supernova-driven ISM of multiphase magnetized galactic discs

By Olivier Iffrig & Patrick Hennebelle, 1703.10421

Measure the structure function in turbulence in a simulated stratified box.