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ArXiv Notes for 04/02/2017

The Hydrangea simulations: galaxy formation in and around massive clusters

By Yannick Bahe, et al., 1703.10610

24 cosmological zoom simulations of galaxies near clusters with baryon particle mass of 1e6 Msun. Reproduces cluster stellar mass functions.

Dynamical cooling of galactic disks by molecular cloud collisions – Origin of giant clumps in gas-rich galaxy disks

By Guang-Xing Li, 1703.10613

Cloud-cloud collision model for cooling in galaxy disks, depends on ratio of free fall time to cloud cooling timescale.

The Cluster-EAGLE project: global properties of simulated clusters with resolved galaxies

By David Barnes, et al., 1703.10907

Zoom simulations of 30 clusters with EAGLE model. Reproduce stellar mass and black hole mass content of clusters.