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ArXiv Notes for 04/23/2017

The KMOS Deep Survey (KDS) I: dynamical measurements of typical star-forming galaxies at

By O.J. Turner et al., 1704.06263

Kmos spectroscopy of 77 galaxies. Only 34\% are rotation dominated. Rotation dominated systems are on the local circular velocity – stellar mass relation.

Galaxy Zoo: The interplay of quenching mechanisms in the group environment

By R.J. Smethurst et al., 1704.06269

Galex + Galaxy Zoo 2. Quenching not correlated with relative velocity, but group potential.

Machine Learning Based Real Bogus System for HSC-SSP Moving Object Detecting Pipeline

By Hsing-Wen Ling et al., 1704.06413

Identify possible object false identification through machine learning.

Cloud structure of three Galactic infrared dark star-forming regions from combining ground and space based bolometric observations

By Yuxin Lin et al., 1704.06448

Dust temperature and column density maps of IRDC, evolutionary stages.

SILCC-Zoom: The dynamical and chemical evolution of molecular clouds

By D. Seifreid et al., 1704.06487

AMR simulations of molecular cloud properties and CO-H2 conversion.

GOLDRUSH. II. Clustering of Galaxies at Revealed with the Half-Million Dropouts Over the 100 deg Area Corresponding to 1 Gpc

By Yuichi Harikane et al., 1704.06535

Clustering and stellar-mass-halo-mass ratio – which declines by factor of 4 from 7 to 4 at 1e11 Msun.

TRUST I: A 3D externally illuminated slab benchmark for dust radiative transfer

By Karl Gordon et al., 1704.06584

Illuminated slab benchmark for RT modeling.