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ArXiv Notes for 04/25/2017

Characterizing Dust Attenuation in Local Star-Forming Galaxies: Near-Infrared Reddening and Normalization

By A.J. Battisti et al., 1704.07426

Near IR dust attenuation curve for 5500 star forming galaxies.

Systematic Identification of LAEs for Visible Exploration and Reionization Research Using Subaru HSC (SILVERRUSH). I. Program Strategy and Clustering Properties of 2,000 Lya Emitters at z=6-7 over the 0.3-0.5 Gpc Survey Area

By Masami Ouchi et al., 1704.07455

About 2K Lya emitters at 5.7 and 6.6. Bias of about 4.1 at . LAEs in halos.

An Estimation of the Star Formation Rate in the Perseus Complex

By Seyma Marcimek et al., 1704.07596

Star formation efficiency in Perseus. SFR between YSO and Class 0 stages are roughly constant.

JANUS: A bit-wise reversible integrator for N-body dynamics

By Hanno Rein and Daniel Tamayo, 1704.07715

Bit-wise reversable integrator. Figure 1 is appreciated.

No evidence for a significant AGN contribution to cosmic hydrogen reionization

By S. Parsa et al., 1704.07750

Revisit 22 xray sources in CANDELS. Only 15 have robust xray, and only 12 are at z>4. Only one at z>5.