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ArXiv Notes for 04/27/2017

A Massive Prestellar Clump Hosting no High-Mass Cores

By Patricio Sanhueza et al., 1704.08264

IRDC G28.24-00.19 with no high mass cores. Low virial parameters.

No evidence for feedback: Unexceptional Low-ionization winds in Host galaxies of Low Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei at Redshift

By Hassen Yusef et al., 1704.08348

Winds in x-ray host galaxies. Winds in AGN similar to winds in star forming galaxies.

Measurement of the small-scale structure of the intergalactic medium using close quasar pairs

By Alberto Rorai et al., 1704.08366

Pressure smoothing of the Lya on small scales, consistent with what is needed for reionization.

Fates of the dense cores formed by fragmentation of filaments: do they fragment again or not?

By Kazuyuki Sugimura et al., 1704.08441

3D self-gravitating hydro simulations, looking at fragmentation of fragments during collapse.