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ArXiv Notes for 05/01/2017

Galaxy Zoo: Finding offset discs and bars in SDSS galaxies

By Sandor Kruk et al., 1705.00007

``We find that the majority of galaxies with off-centre bars are of Magellanic type…’

Fully Coupled Simulation of Cosmic Reionization. III. Stochastic Early Reionization by the Smallest Galaxies

By Pengfei Chen et al., 1705.00026

Use PDFs from Renaissance simulations to compute ionized fractions and reionization history.

Testing the universality of the star formation efficiency in dense molecular gas

By Y. Shimariji et al., 1705.00213

Observations of multiple molecular clouds in multiple tracers. Find star formation efficiency in dense clouds is constant over 8 orders of magnitude.

What are we learning from the relative orientation between density structures and the magnetic field in molecular clouds?

By Juan Soler and Patrick Hennebelle 1705.00477

Density gradients and magnetic fields are mostly parallel, but break in convergent flows.