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ArXiv Notes for 05/04/2017

The Globular Cluster – Dark Matter Halo Connection

By Mike Boylan-Kolchin, 1705.01548

Early globular cluster formation. Possible that high-z galaxies are mostly GCs.

Stellar streams as gravitational experiments I. The case of Sagittarius

By Guillame Thomas et al., 1705.01552

MOND can reproduce the Sag stream.

Feeding vs. Falling: The growth and collapse of molecular clouds in a turbulent interstellar medium

By Juan Ibanez-Mejia et al., 1705.01779

Suggest molecular clouds are always contracting. Conversion of grav PE to kinetic energy during contraction is what drives turbulence.

Probing dark matter with star clusters: a dark matter core in the ultra-faint dwarf Eridanus II

By Filippo Contenta et al., 1705.01820

Eridanus II may have a dark matter core.

The structure and statistics of interstellar turbulence

By Alexei Kritsuk et al., 1705.01912

Properties of MHD turbulence. Reproduces lots of properties of molecular clouds. Suggest efficiency per free fall time is a consequence of thermodynamcis in molecular clouds.