ArXiv Notes

Brant Robertson bio photo By Brant Robertson

ArXiv Notes for 05/17/2017

Galaxy Formation with BECDM: I. Turbulence and relaxation of idealised haloes

By Philip Mocz et al., 1705.05845

Bose Einstein condensate dark matter modeling.

LensExtractor: A Convolutional Neural Network in Search of Strong Gravitational Lenses

By Milad Pourrahmani et al., 1705.05857

CNN model to find cluster lenses, identify lenses in COSMOS. Apply to LSST and WFIRST in future.

An Observational Diagnostic for Distinguishing Between Clouds and Haze in Hot Exoplanet Atmospheres

By Eliza Kempton and Jacob Bean, 1705.05847

Hazes only affect day side, night side remains clear.