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ArXiv Notes for 05/29/2017

Compression of turbulent magnetized gas in Giant Molecular Clouds

By Yuval Birnboim et al., 1705.09657

Adiabatic compression of a magnetized turbulent medium, following Robertson & Goldreich 2012.

Rise of the Titans: A Dusty, Hyper-Luminous “870 micron Riser” Galaxy at z~6

By Dominik Reichers et al., 1705.09660

Dusty major merger at with ALMA. About 1e11 solar masses of gas and a star formation rate of 2400 solar masses per year.

A population of faint low surface brightness galaxies in the Perseus cluster core

By Carolin Wittmann et al., 1705.09697

Faint LSBs in Perseus, “ultra-diffuse” with half-light radii of 0.7-1.4 kpc. Some are associated with tidal streams.

3FGLzoo. Classifying 3FGL Unassociated Fermi-LAT Gamma-ray Sources by Artificial Neural Networks

By David Salvetti et al., 1705.09832

ANN algorithm to classify BL Lacs from FSRQs.