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ArXiv Notes for 06/04/2017

The evolving far-IR galaxy luminosity function and dust-obscured star-formation rate density out to

By M.P. Koprowski et al., 1706.00426

Contribution of IR objects to SFR density at high redshift has been overestimated by Herschel. UV galaxies dominate SFR density at redshifts .

Simulating radiative feedback and star cluster formation in GMCs: II. Mass dependence of cloud destruction and cluster properties

By Corey Howard et al., 1706.00477

Stellar feedback reduces cluster formation efficiency by a factor of 2. Power law relationship between cluster mass and GMC mass.

Deep Optical Imaging of the COSMOS Field with Hyper Suprime-Cam Using Data from the Subaru Strategic Program and the University of Hawaii

By Masayuki Tanaka et al., 1706.00566

Deep imaging to in COSMOS with HSC. Data available at