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ArXiv Notes for 06/12/2017

Upper Limits on Gravitational Waves from Scorpius X-1 from a Model-Based Cross-Correlation Search in Advanced LIGO Data

By Remco van der Burg et al., 1706.03119

Upper limits on Sco X-1 gravitational wave emission.

The impact of a star-formation efficiency profile on the evolution of open clusters

By Bekdaulet Shukirgaliyev et al., 1706.03228

SFE variation in collapsing clusters, claim that clusters can survive with SFE of only 15%.

First Spectroscopic Confirmations of Ly Emitting Galaxies in the LAGER Survey

By Weida Hu et al., 1706.03586

23 LAEs in COSMOS, detect 9. Nitrogen V in one.

The Interstellar Medium and Star Formation of Galactic Disks. I. ISM and GMC properties with Diffuse FUV and Cosmic Ray Backgrounds

By Qu Li et al., 1706.03764

AMR simulations of ISM in galactic disks.