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ArXiv Notes for 06/21/2017

The Core Mass Function in the Massive Protocluster G286.21+0.17 revealed by ALMA

By Yu Cheng et al., 1706.06584

ALMA core mass function, similar to Salpeter.

Supervised Learning Detection of Sixty Non-Transiting Hot Jupiter Candidates

By Sarah Millholland and Gregory Laughlin 1706.06602

Supervised learning of light curves and find 60 high-probability hot Jupiters.

Filament formation in wind-cloud interactions. II. Clouds with turbulent density, velocity, and magnetic fields

By Wladimir Banda-Barragan et al., 1706.06607

Magnetic pressure helps recover original cloud crushing timescale.

The effects on a core collapse of changes in the number and size of turbulent modes of velocity

By Guillermo Arreaga-Garcia 1706.06661

Turbulent collapse of a gas cloud.

GMC Collisions as Triggers of Star Formation. V. Observational Signatures

By Thomas Bisbas et al., 1706.07006

Post processing of cloud collision simulations.