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ArXiv Notes for 06/27/2017

Cloud Scale ISM Structure and Star Formation in M51

By Adam K. Leroy et al., 1706.08540

PAWS survey of M51. We show that the cloud-scale surface density appears to be a reasonable proxy for mean volume density.''The sense of the correlation is that gas with stronger self-gravity (higher b) forms stars at a higher rate (low tau_mol_dep). The different regions of the galaxy mostly overlap in tau_mol_dep as a function of b, so that low b explains the surprisingly high τmolDep found towards the inner spiral arms found by by Meidt et al. (2013).’’

Formation of Massive, Dense Cores by Cloud-Cloud Collisions

By Ken Takahira et al., 1706.08656

Collision of clouds, relative velocity suppresses some dense cloud formation.