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ArXiv Notes for 07/19/2017

Andromeda’s Parachute: A Bright Quadruply Lensed Quasar at

By Kate Rubin et al. 1707.05873

KCWI spectroscopy of a quadruple quasar lens.

COS-Burst: Observations of the Impact of Starburst-Driven Winds on the Properties of the Circum-Galactic Medium

By Timothy Heckman et al. 1707.05933

Observations of quasars around 17 low-redshift galaxies with star bursts. The CGM around starburst galaxies has strong Lya, Si III, C IV, and perhaps O VI. And C IV/Lya and Si III/Lya are larger. The Lya absorption widths are larger.