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ArXiv Notes for 07/30/2017

An amplified dusty star-forming galaxy at z=6: unveiling an elusive population of galaxies

By Jorge A. Zavala et al. 1707.09022

Spec redhift dusty galaxy at z = 6, 380 msun/yr. Gas and dust properties similar to local ULIRGs.

Evolution of Galaxy Luminosity and Stellar-Mass Functions since z=1 with the Dark Energy Survey Science Verification Data

By D. Capozzi et al. 1707.09066

Redshift evolution of luminosity and stellar-mass functions from DES commissioning data.

Towards time symmetric N-body integration

By Walter Dehnen 1707.09069

Claim is exact time reversiblility is elusive to discretized time steps.

The Anatomy of the Column Density Probability Distribution Function (N-PDF)

By Hope Chen et al. 1707.09356

Column density distribution is discrete objects. Other relevant information for column density PDF.