LSST Extragalactic Roadmap on Overleaf

Brant Robertson bio photo By Brant Robertson

LSST Extragalactic Roadmap moved to Overleaf

The LSST Galaxies Science Collaboration has been developing a science roadmap for preparatory research in extragalactic astrophysics ahead of LSST first light. This document has been underdevelopment for sometime, and in recent months has received a lot of input from the Galaxies collaboration members.

I moved the Roadmap from github to Overleaf to help finish the project, such that everyone can follow the changes to the document more readily, provide input directly, and download the most recent version at will.

The project is “unlisted” but not “protected”. I will be routinely downloading a tarball and saving it to GitHub to ensure additional versioning beyond what Overleaf provides.

If you are interested in contributing, please sign up for a free Overleaf account here.

Workflow on Overleaf

Anyone with the link can edit the document, but only those who sign in can save a revision as a version and revert to a previous version. Accordingly, the workflow should be

0) Make an Overleaf account here. 1) Open the link to the Roadmap.
2) Sign into Overleaf.
3) [Optional] Revert to the last saved revision.

  • Click History & Revisions in the tool bar.
  • Click restore on the most recent revision.
  • Click Restore Without Saving.

4) Make edits.
5) Save a revision.

  • Click History & Revisions in the tool bar.
  • Click the ``label current version’’ field.
  • Add a label. Click the Add Label button.

If you make edits without signing in, those edits will likely be lost since we will often revert to the last revision.

Here is the LSST Extragalactic Roadmap on Overleaf:

LSST Extragalactic Roadmap on Overleaf