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ArXiv Notes for 04/04/2017

Dust attenuation, bulge formation and inside-out cessation of star-formation in Star-Forming Main Sequence galaxies at .

By Sandro Tacchella, et al., 1704.00733

2D dust attenuation maps at 1 kpc resolution for 10 galaxies. Dust corrections to H and UV allow for reliable SFR with radius, see bulge and disk growing together. At high mass, sSFR profiles are suppressed by 10x in the center relative to outskirts.

Characterizing the transition from diffuse atomic to dense molecular clouds in the Magellanic clouds with [CII], [CI], and CO

By Jorge L. Pineda et al., 1704.00739

Carbon line lines-of-sight to 54 objects in LMC and SMC. Most molecular gas in LMC and SMC is Co-dark H2 (\%). Larger X_CO than MW.

A Comparison of Maps and Power Spectra Determined from South Pole Telescope and Planck Data

By Z. Hou et al., 1704.00884

Study of consistency of 150 Ghz SPT and 143 Ghz Planck. Look consistent! Improved SPT calibration.

The properties of the first galaxies in the BLUETIDES simulation

By Stephen Wilkins et al., 1704.00954

First galaxies in BLUETIDES. Matches UV luminosity functions, rapidly increasing SFRs. Dust leads to steepening of UV LF. Accretion on SMBH is about 10\% of UV luminosity.