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ArXiv Notes for 04/05/2017

MUFASA: The assembly of the red sequence

By Romeel Dave et al., 1704.01135

Quenching in Mufasa. The red sequence slope is driven by the steep stellar mass function. Dry merging doesn’t increase mass substantially in the most massive galaxies. Strongly over-quenches satellites.

The SAMI Galaxy Survey: mass as the driver of the kinematic morphology - density relation in clusters

By Sarah Brough et al., 1704.01169

Kinematic morphology of early-type galaxies in 8 galaxy clusters. Fraction of slow rotators increases with local environmental overdensity. Dynamical friction causes slow rotators in galaxy groups to fall toward the center.

A Halo Substructure in Gaia Data Release 1

By G. C. Myeong et al., 1704.01363

Halo substructure identified in Gaia. 14 stars selected, 8 with spectrophotmetric distances.

Thermal Feedback in the high-mass star and cluster forming region W51

By Adam Ginsburg et al., 1704.01434

Alma observations around the W51 high-mass star forming complex.Extended hot gas show that high-mass stars head a large volume and prevent it from fragmenting.