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ArXiv Notes for 05/18/2017

Hierarchical Star Formation in Turbulent Media: Evidence from Young Star Clusters

By K. Grasha et al., 1705.06281

Cluster age difference increases with separation. Galactic environment affects maximum cluster size.

The Galaxy Clustering Crisis in Abundance Matching

By Duncan Campbell et al., 1705.06347

Galaxy clustering on small scales is under-predicted by abundance matching based on peak halo mass, but peak vmax is better. But fixes require orphan galaxies, satellite growth after accretion, or stellar mass depends on halo assembly.

The Lyman Continuum escape fraction of emission line-selected galaxies is less than 15%

By Michael Rutkowski et al., 1705.06355

No Lyman Continuum from SFGs selected on OII nebular emission.

Deep Learning Classification in Asteroseismology

By Marc Hon et al., 1705.06405

CNN of features of red giant power spectra.