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ArXiv Notes for 08/07/2017

LSST Galaxies Science Roadmap

By Brant Robertson et al. 1708.01617

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) will enable revolutionary studies of galaxies, dark matter, and black holes over cosmic time. The LSST Galaxies Science Collaboration has identified a host of preparatory research tasks required to leverage fully the LSST dataset for extragalactic science beyond the study of dark energy. This Galaxies Science Roadmap provides a brief introduction to critical extragalactic science to be conducted ahead of LSST operations, and a detailed list of preparatory science tasks including the motivation, activities, and deliverables associated with each. The Galaxies Science Roadmap will serve as a guiding document for researchers interested in conducting extragalactic science in anticipation of the forthcoming LSST era.

Are fibres in molecular cloud filaments real objects?

By Manuel Zamora-Aviles et al. 1708.01669

Filaments are density enhancements superimposed along the line of sight, with self-gravity and MHD.

Measuring filament orientation: a new quantitative, local approach

By C.-E. Green et al. 1708.1953

Filament orientation. Radial filament width fitting. Simple filtering method for edge detection.